My Experience with App Development for Windows Phone

Some time back, I decided to become a Windows Phone developer. You have to sign up through and pay a small fee. For US based development the fee is $19 per year, while if you’re in India it is INR 860.

I developed 2 versions of a Photo Calendar. A free version that displays only the months in the current year and a paid version that is a perpetual calendar that allows you to jump to a random month or year. The app includes 60 stunning photos taken in the US, Cayman Islands and India.

The target platform is Windows Phone 7, so the app runs on both WP7 and WP8.

The process consists of uploading your XAP (app) file, your icons and 8 screenshots for potential users. The icons include an app tile that is 300 x 300 pixels and a background image that is 1000 x 800 pixels. The background image could be used by the Windows Phone Store to showcase your app.


The Windows Phone Store app submission page.

If your application targets Windows Phone 7, you can upload up to 8 screenshots in WVGA i.e. 480 x 800. If, however, you target Windows Phone 8, you may have to upload screenshots in higher resolutions as well e.g. 768 x 1280 and 720 x 1280.

These images are in addition to the standard icons that are part of the XAP. The standard icons include the ApplicationIcon.png file, the Background.png file and the SplashScreenImage.jpg file. These are not uploaded separately.

On the Windows Phone Developer website, some information is automatically read from your XAP file, such as the version and size.

Once all the screenshots, XAP(s) and icons have been uploaded, Microsoft will begin the app certification process. This took about 5 days for me. Microsoft probably checks for crashes and app responsiveness. Once the app passes certification, you will get an e-mail from Microsoft that your app has been accepted.


Message saying that the app has passed certification.

If you have a Windows Phone, you can check out the free version (Photo Calendar Single) here:

Photo Calendar Multi (the paid version with more features) can be found here:

Comments and feedback are welcome.


The Photo Calendar Single app on the Windows Phone Store.


The Photo Calendar Multi app on the Windows Phone Store.


The Photo Calendar Single app ready to installed on a Samsung Windows Phone.



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