Cuppa is a coffee place that serves coffees from around the world as well as sandwiches and pastries. These include Cappuccino, Mocha, Espresso and Latte and Veg Burger, Fries, Thai Sandwich, Oriental Sandwich and Spicy Indian Sandwich.


Cuppa interior.

We tried the Thai Sandwich and Veg Burger along with fries. The Thai Sandwich tasted more Indian than Thai, though the fries were good. The chocolate cake that we had for dessert was very good!




Cappuccino, Thai Sandwich and Veg Burger.


Chocolate cake.

One thing with these coffee places (as opposed to the traditional Indian coffee places) is that their Cappuccinos and Lattes can cost upwards of Rs. 60 as against Rs.12 – 15 for your regular filter coffee at a traditional Indian place. If you’re in the mood for Cappuccino, then go for it, but be warned of the cost; else you could skip it for a cup of plain old filter coffee for a fourth of the cost.

Overall, not a bad place. The Cuppa that we visited was on the Outer Ring Road in J.P. Nagar, Bangalore.


9 thoughts on “Cuppa

      • In “degree coffee” , degree is referred to a small instrument they use, to check the quality of milk (water content). It is just dropped in the milk and it floats. This is locally called “degree”. So, the coffee prepared after “quality check”, is named like that.
        Another perception: source: my father.
        Coffee prepared in Kumbakonam is “superlative degree” in terms of quality. The Britishers who were “coffee lovers ” said it is “super”lative degree. In later stages, superlative degree coffee is shrunk into degree coffee.

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