The Gulmohr

The Gulmohr is one of my favorite trees. I have seen it bloom in Bangalore since my school days. It usually blooms in late April, early May. Its brilliant red flowers are always a sight too see.

As kids, we would affix the inside of the flower buds to our finger nails to get a set of “claws”. The dagger-like pods were used as make-believe swords.

Here are some shots of the Gulmohr from Lalbagh Botanical Garden in Bangalore, India.

P1020345 P1020378 P1020387 P1020391 P1020393 P1020405


5 thoughts on “The Gulmohr

  1. Awesome 🙂 Nostalgic 😦 When I was in school, I used to sneak and eat the buds and the calyx would be my demon nails. No such trees in Sydney 😦

    Btw, Thanks for liking my posts. You have great recipes

    • “Demon nails” is the perfect description I was looking for!
      I’m back in Bangalore after 18 years in the US and am totally glad to see the Gulmohr again.
      Thanks for visiting my blog and liking my posts too. You have a pretty awesome collection of recipes yourself!

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