Mainland China

We recently visited Mainland China restaurant in Jayanagar 5th Block, Bangalore. We were seated in a beautifully lit interior with neatly arranged tables and chairs and well-laid china.


Mainland China in Jayanagar, Bangalore.


The beautifully lit interior.


The menu.

Most of the menu is authentic Chinese with a large selection of cocktails and (expensive) wines.

To start with, I had a mojito with lychees and kaffir lime. It was out of the world! The lychees were delicious and the mojito, pretty strong.


Mojito with lychees and kaffir lime.

We then tried the Sweet Corn Soup and Eight Treasure Soup. Both were tasty and the Eight Treasure Soup was particularly thick, creamy and delicious. It had several different kinds of vegetables blended in.


Eight Treasure Soup.

For the main course, we had Mixed Vegetable Fried Rice with Exotic Vegetables in Chili Basil Sauce in a Clay Pot. The fried rice was aromatic and smooth and the vegetables were delicious while the sauce was a bit spicy.


Mixed vegetable Fried Rice with Exotic Vegetables in Chili Basil Sauce.

We topped it off with some Orange Crème Brulee that was subtle, yet yummy.


Orange Crème Brulee.

The bill was about Rs. 1,500 including VAT and service tax (which were in themselves about Rs. 200).

All in all, a satisfying meal!


Statue of Chinese warrior at entrance.


Vases and bottles at entrance.


2 thoughts on “Mainland China

  1. Do try their corn and water chestnut dim sums, lotus leaf wrapped rice, date pancake, honey noodles with ice cream, spicy potatoes….. Ok-ok I know their menu by heart…. 😀 But then I have been a regular since the late 1990s.

  2. Hi Aruna,
    Thanks for the tips! I’ll look out for the menu items you suggested.
    I didn’t realize they were around in the 90s, but then I wasn’t in Bangalore at the time.
    – Ganesh.

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